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New Video from Norway!Experience The Sognefjell Road in Norway - a National Norwegian Tourist Road: 40 kms from the Fjords to the highest Norwegian mountains in 13 minutes. This road may be the one of the main attractions in Norway. In majestic surroundings, high in the mountains past blue ice, jagged peaks and emerald lakes, the Sognefjell Road runs from Sognefjorden, the world's longest fjord, through the massive Jotunheimen mountains.

And this may be the best ROADMC Video ever!

The video is hi-res, true 16:9 widescreen.
For more info on the Sognefjell Road , please visit Norwegian National Tourist Routes.

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    Location Duration
Buy and
the Alps Trailer Free download!  (short preview) 1 7.8 $0.00 click for free download
France France Col de Vars
Superb French Sweepers. UNCUT!
8 49.1 $2 buy and download
Italy Italy Alpe di Sidal, Dolomites
Italian Dolomiti lowlands with good curves.
5 32.8 $2 buy and download
  Col de Mont Cenis
Very good Italian road with good tarmac and
nice sweepers.
5 31.9 $2 buy and download
  Grand Bernard
The Alpen Classic?
7 43.3 $2 buy and download
  Timmelsjoch South
Italian classic - dramatic road, dramatic tunnels,
dramatic nature.
10 64.9 $2 buy and download
Switzerland Switzerland Passo Bernina
Superb Swiss Sweepers and nature.
9 54.6 $2 buy and download
Famous swiss MC classic.
8 49.2 $2 buy and download
Famous swiss MC classic.
8 52.9 $2 buy and download
Norway Norway DOUBLECAMERAAurland - Lærdal
48 kms with high mountain roads in the western part
of Norway.
12 75.4 $3 buy and download
  DOUBLECAMERASauda - Rølldal
35 kms with mountain-roads in the south-western part
of Norway.
9 56.1 $3 buy and download
NEW 2005! DOUBLECAMERAThe Sognefjell Road, Norway
40 kms from the Fjords to the highest Norwegian mountains.
Norwegian National Tourist Route.
13 81.6 $4 buy and download
  Son - Vestby
Norwegian lowland but still nice MC-driving.
4 26.1 $3 buy and download
Up to the mountains, Western Norway.
6 34.9 $3 buy and download
NEW 2004! DOUBLECAMERAThe Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway
7 kms with high-class coastal road, Western Norway.
Norwegian National Tourist Route.
8 50.0 $3 buy and download

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Published 10.06.2004
Last update 08.09.2005

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